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5 best tip to maintain your water purifier:

Just like the way our body needs proper food, water and other nutrients to work properly in the same way machines also need some input for its proper functioning. For example, a car can run smoothly if you make sure that its servicing is done timely along with other factors and in the same manner for water purifier to work effectively and efficiently you’re required to do certain things:

  1. Understand the concept of annual servicing: There are various things in a water purifier which we can’t see from our naked eyes but can only experience like change in water taste and its color. Sometimes ignorance of these things can cause us trouble like diarrhea but if you get its service done annually than you can keep yourself away from the troubles as well as it will help you in saving money.
  1. Replacing RO membrane regularly: Currently the most sell-able water purifier is of RO technology. It mainly helps in the removal of solid particles from the water having high TDS level. The RO membrane absorbs lot of impurities and other particles as it passes through it. This continuous flow of impure particles from the water leads to the clogging of RO membrane and thus it changes the water taste it can even taste foul.But at we provide you the annual change of Pre-Filter Sediment filter, Carbon filter, UF membrane and Post Carbon Taste Enhancer for one year within its purchase at a nominal price.
  1. Don’t ignore leakages and drains: If you are experiencing any kind of leakages in your water purifier than don’t call a water purifier technician so that you’re saved from further troubles.And don’t forget water is precious and scarce in nature so use it wisely.
  1. Keep your water purifier exterior clean: There are high chances that if the exterior of your water purifier is clean than germs and bacteria can be formed on the tap of your purifier and thus they can enter into our body therefore to protect oneself from the unhygienic conditions one must clean the exterior area clean. In fact our Stainless steel purifiers are made because we know that the formation of bacteria’s is slow there and it can protect you for a longer time.
  1. Sanitize your RO regularly: Germs can enter into our body from anywhere but if we are more cautious than we can prevent this from happening and especially when currently we are facing a pandemic i.e. corona virus than in such situation we must be more careful. So make sure that when you’re having your RO membrane changed than you also sanitize the filter completely and check all its pipes.

With these effective tips you can not only keep your water purifier healthy but also your health will be in check. And you must have heard from your elders that water storage in copper or steel item is good for your health because of the additional mineral they provide and therefore at BEPURE.STORE our all water purifiers have steel tankers thus providing our customers value driven products.


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