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5 ways of productively using waste water of RO:

As the saying goes “Thousands Have Lived Without Love, Not One without Water” is self explanatory about the importance of water in our life and specially drinking water. We know that water quality has been deteriorated from the past some years so the overcome this problem we had built water purifiers.

But just like a coin has two sides every invention on the planet also has some pros and cons and same is the case of our water purifiers. We built RO water purifiers so that it can provide us safe drinking water; which it off course does and that too with a good quality but our key problem with this technology is that it wastes lot of water to purify it. For example it takes three glass of water to purify one. So far we have been continuously throwing that waste water regardless of giving it a though that it can be used for some other purpose.  

Now what are those 5 effective ways of using the waste RO water?

  1. Washing your car: This is one of the best ways of utilizing waste water. As your car requires at least 50-60 liters of water to clean it so it is better if you store the excess RO water in any tank or any other bucket but before using the water just once check its TDS levels it would be fine if it’s in the range of 1500-2000 else the hard water will make it tough for you to clean the water.
  1. Watering your plants: If you have a small garden in your home or some flower pots at your home than you can use the waste RO water for watering your plants. A key advice would be to check the TDS level as the waste water includes harmful minerals like sodium which can degrade the quality of your soil thus hampering the growth of your plant. A TDS level of <2000 mg would be fine.
  1. Cleaning your toilets: In most of the homes we use clean water for toilet flush but if we carefully analyze than every time you flush it waste at least 6-7 liters of water but only if we could substitute this by using waste RO water than we can actually save a lot of water.
  1. Mopping floors: Using waste RO water will definitely save tons of liters of water. A key advice would be that if you’re afraid that by using this water you can have stains on your floor than we would suggest you to buy floor cleaning products like Lysol or you can also use the alternative method i.e. cleaning one day with RO water and next day with RO waste water.
  1. Cleaning Utensils: This is one of the other ways of using the RO waste water and the most convenient also as in most of the houses the water purifier is located in the kitchen only thus making it handy while you’re using it.

 At last there’s enough for everyone’s need yet scarce for everyone’s greed or else as per BBC report India along with other countries will soon start facing major water crisis.

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