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7 common stages of Water Purification System:

Water is our fundamental need. It not only gives life to human being but to all living organism present on this planet. Our use able water source is limited, the earth is covered with 71% of water and out of that 96.5% is present in oceans whereas the remaining 3.5% is actually used by us!!

So if we consider that water is scarce for human consumption than it wouldn't be wrong!

Human activities like Industrialization, dumping waste in water sources, wastage of clean water, Oil pollution, Depleting ground water quality and various other  causes has led to "Water Pollution"; and currently it is one of the most serious ecological threats we are facing. We are now not only deprived of fresh and clean drinking water, but it has also added in the birth of various water-borne diseases.

Therefore there was an urgency of water purification system so that the contaminated water which contains lots of deadly viruses, bacteria, chemicals, microbial pathogens etc can be removed under the process thus making it consumable.

Let us now understand how many stages of water purification does these water purifier use and how does they help us in accessing clean and drinking water?

  1. Pre Filter: This is the primary stage of purification system and it removes relatively large particles of dust, sand from water to prevent chocking of the filters in the RO system.
  2. Sediment Filter: This filter removes the remaining visible impurities till 5 micron size such as fine dust particles, sand, large colloids etc.
  3. Pre carbon filter: To remove chlorine, lead, pesticides and other heavy metals from water, the pre-carbon stage plays its role. It removes the bad taste and odour from water.
  4. Reverse Osmosis Membrane: The RO membrane removes most of the germs, chemicals, excessive salt and suspended particles that are left in the water three stages. It removes the hard water contaminants like Arsenic, lead, calcium, magnesium, fluoride etc.
  5. UV chamber: The stainless steel UV treatment sterilizes the water and makes the water free from pathogens thus delivering pure water.
  6. ULTRA FILTRATION: This is the last stage where any leftover germs like colloid are removed. Once the water passes through all the stages of the RO system, it is free from all types of germs, microbes, chemicals, excessive salt, bad taste and bad odour. Water thus received from the tap is pure and crystal clear.
  7. Post Carbon Silver Purifier:This stage adds taste to the water to make it drinkable. It is also the backup for RO as the germs removed from water at this stage as well. If the RO fails this stage will ensures the delivery of pure water.

In some case pH and TDS controller is also installed to keep the water parameters at optimum level.

And these are some of the required filtration stages which you’ll find in every water purifier in fact even if the water supplied to your home is of bad quality still these filtration stages will be enough to serve the purpose of supplying safe and clean drinking water. But there are some companies which claim that their water purifier has 14 level filtration stages; honestly that is nothing but a marketing strategy to lure the consumers and charge a higher price for the same.


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