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7 Reasons behind why do we need a water purifier

water purifier


Ever wondered why we need a water purifier, or how does it come into existence or how does it help us in keeping safe?

Today, we will be discussing on all these aspects.

We know that water is non renewable source on earth and its demand has been increasing exponentially with rise in human population but with rise in population there is also an increase in environment degradation which has hampered the quality of water which we use thus costing us the life of 3.575 million people every year as per WHO (World Health Organization) reports. In fact as per WHO reports if any community or country improves its water supply, hygiene or sanitation then its people health improves and they can live a longer life. For example, diarrhea can be reduced by 26% if these facilities are provided but so far this issue hasn’t been given much importance.

The need for filtered purifier came into existence when human started realizing the scarcity of potable water on planet, our world has 70% area covered with water but out of that only 2% is drinkable now to use such a small portion in the most effective and efficient manner is a challenge for us. From 17th century or even before that people have been trying various methods for water filtration like sand filtration system, charcoal filtration devices, desalination of water, boiling water, using copper bottles etc but these methods weren’t sustainable or they weren’t helpful in catering the larger demand thus after lots of experiment and efforts water purifier system came into existence.

Water purifier system helps us in many ways like:

  1. It provides us potable water which is free from chlorine or any types of containment.
  2. It helps to prevent us from getting sick from diseases like cancer, diarrhea, typhoid etc.
  3. It gives us the access to safe water which we can use for drinking, bathing or for any other purpose.
  4. Filtered water is free from lead whose consumption is harmful for human body.
  5. The quality and taste of our dishes changes when we start using filtered water.
  6. Investment in water purifier is one time but in return it not only helps you but it also keeps the environment safe.
  7. Drinking fresh water everyday keeps the doctor away.

And thus these are some of the benefits you get by using a water filtration system at your place.


But now how do we choose a water purifier?

Let’s talk about this in our next blog.


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  • Nice written article on the importance of water purifiers for the current scenario of water pollution at all levels


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