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Best gift for your loved one:

At one or the other point in your life you must have given any kind of gift to your dear ones it could have been a dress, mobile phones, watch, perfume , video games, musical instrument etc depending upon the age and your connection with the opposite person.

No doubt when you receive the gifts it feels good, you feel privileged but from the past few months a lot of things are happening around the world specially in terms of human health, corona virus has taken the life of our dear one and this phase is still going on. Experts suggest the people with better immune system have a less chance of getting effected with Covid-19.

So, few of the steps for a better immune system as suggested by Harvard Medical School are as follows:

  • Don’t smoke
  • Drink enough water
  • Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise regularly
  • Take steps to avoid infections, such as washing your hands frequently.

Among-st all the above mentioned list if there is one thing without which we can’t live longer, it is water. Water condition in our nation is deteriorating with almost half of the Indian population inaccessibility in receiving pure and filter water.

To solve such problem most of Indian Homes now have a water purifier but many a time when we go out we generally buy a mineral water bottle like Bisleri, Aqua-guard etc but is this even a viable solution??

We are simply causing more damage to our environment, we are buying those plastic bottles which takes thousands of year to decompose and letting the harmful toxins and micro-organism enter in our body which are present in those packaging material. Moreover frequent buying of these plastic bottles makes a hole in our pocket. It is absolutely not pocket friendly.

But what if you’re given a choice of carrying and gifting a water bottle which irrespective of the water quality can still provides you with the best drinking water. A bottle which has the quality of serving you with “alkaline water” such water which has multiple health benefits such as better digestion, slows down anti-ageing process, controls BP and diabetes etc.  

The pH level in alkaline water nullifies the acidic level presence in your body which is root cause of acidity or constipation related issue in your body and as per experts “Antioxidants are essential for human body to protect against free radicals and improve immunity. Our body is 70% water and hence getting antioxidant water improves your immunity and keeps you healthy.”

Therefore this year we urge you to gift your dear ones such product which can actually contribute to their health, which can keep them healthy and safe. By gifting “Alkaline water bottle” you just don’t take a step towards choosing your dear ones health but indirectly you have also contributed in keeping the environment safe and healthy.

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