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Best Hot and Cold Water purifier:

There was a time when we would wish to have safe and clean water to drink and once our that wish was fulfilled we imagined of having a purifier by which we can directly access hot and cold water as per our demand. Now to fulfill the demand of such consumers different water purifiers brand have made a Hot and Cold water purifier which will serve your purpose of having hot/cold water whenever you demand. But again there’s no point of making a product if the vast number of people can’t buy it, today’s consumer not only demand for a high-end product but they also want the best price of the product therefore we offer our customer the premium product with an exclusive price.

Some of the unique features of product are:

  • 8 Stage Ultra-Purification processes with Mineral Technology with Inbuilt TDS controller providing not just pure but healthy water.
  • Smart LED display screen to monitor the operations and maintenance of the water purifier. Intelligent Auto Membrane flushing system to increase the life of RO membrane.
  • 100% Stainless Steel UV chamber (Zero aluminum content) thus the stored water is much safer and pure because of mineral quality which steel provides.
  • Regular Water Storage tank is 7 liters, whereas Hot and Cold water storage is 1.5 liter individually.
  • Get hot water with a capacity of 2 lit/minute and temperature ranging 80 to 90 Degree
  • Get cold water from the purifier with a capacity of 5 lit/minute and temperature ranging 15 to 20 degree

These were few of the unique features which you get after buying HOT AND COLD water purifier and the best part of this is that it doesn’t require much space to fit in. If I call it a substitute of water dispenser than it wouldn’t be wrong in fact a Hot and Cold purifier are more convenient.

Honestly in every Indian Household “Who will fill the water bottles” is a challenge specially during summers because everyone loves having cold water but no one really like the task of doing it and same is the case if its winter you want to have Hot water but most of us would procrastinate the task of having it because it isn’t convenient.

This product isn’t only convenient for households but also for commercial purpose like offices, saloons, gym etc and people working there can easily make any drink for themselves moreover if any customer visits to your place and demands for Hot and Cold water than you don’t have to make them wait you can serve it to them in no time.

Hence, this product can surely be called as “VALUE FOR MONEY”.

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