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Confused about which brand of Water Purifier you should purchase

Well if an Industry is offering you more than hundreds brand for a particular type of product with a very thin margin difference than it’s obvious that a customer will get confused at the time of its purchase.

And one such industry is Water purifier.

The demand for water purifier is increasing exponentially and the estimates shows that by the end of 2024 it will be $ 814 million industry so we can understand the huge potential growth in this market. Now the existing companies are trying to retain more and more share whereas new entrants are trying to make a space for themselves by either using innovative ideas or by some cheap tactics!! Yes you heard me correct, cheap tactics but how?

Well you’ll understand this by the end of this blog.

Now our obvious question is so which brand should we trust?

Well there are some few dozen of brands which are currently prevailing in the market and to name few they are KENT RO, HUL, EUREKA FORBES, TATA, HAVELLS, LG, BLUE STAR etc.

Over the periods these brands have not only gained customer trust but have also provided them the safe drinking water at a reasonable price.

But at the same time few of the big brands as well as new entrant have now started fooling their customer.

In my previous blog I told you about the technology which you should be actually using vs. the technology which these company recommend you to buy just to get a high price from their customer.

This is just one way of confusing customer and if you haven’t read it here than click here.

Now here I don’t mean that you should not give a chance to new brand?

Because some brand are really trying hard to give quality water purifier to their customers with a low price. For example Bepure this company has understood the water purifier industry from more than 15 years and they understand that how price sensitive their customer are and therefore they provide you the product at a reasonable price without any compromise in the quality and the same time its product contain an additional feature that is “ALKEN water” well not many brands provide you that but whomsoever provides it cares for their customer in an unconditional manner. Benefits of Alken water are numerous. In fact they also provide you the alkaline water bottles so that wherever you go you can at least has access to safe drinking water.

Now I won’t tell you that go and buy this product because honestly water quality differs from region to region but I would give you some tips before you select your brands:

  • Check the material quality of water purifier membrane
  • Check your TDS level and then opt for the technology (RO,UF,UV etc)
  • Check the services provided by the brand
  • Check the additional equipments provided along with your product.
  • And you can always compare the prices of different brands.
  • If possible buy product whose water container is made up of steel as it keeps the bacteria away for a longer period of time.

Now apart from water purifier machines now we also have water purifier containers, jugs, bottles etc catering to different demands in the market.



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