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Different types of water:

Water is precious to life for we even consider it to be elixir of life due to its importance in our life and on our planet. We can live without food for months but we will die within few days without water in fact not only human beings but water is essential to all living organisms.

The major function of water is to keep our body hydrated, flushing out waste from the body, regulates body temperature and helps in the brain function. The moment any one of these functions start getting disturbed, your body will start showing the sign of sickness.

But do you know apart from mineral water which other kind of water you can use and what are their usages?

Generally water is classified on the basis of its origin, consistency, composition and treatment.

  1. Tap water: The water that you directly get from your faucet is tap water. Sources of this water are Dam or river and generally regulated by the Municipal local bodies. You can use this water for completing household chores like washing, cleaning, gardening etc although in case where you’ve installed Point of Entry water system than you can directly use faucet water even for drinking purpose. But for best quality drinking water a water purifier is always suggested.
  1. Mineral water: This kind of water naturally contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Sources of this water are either underground water or the mountain water (which has generally passed through rocks). Although no minerals can be added to this water but it is subject to some water treatment like carbonation or iron removal before packaging. However, consumption of bottled water is generally avoidable due to the presence of dangerous toxins and microorganisms in packaging material. We therefore advise you to either buy Water purifier or Alkaline water bottles for your better health.
  1. Sparkling water: This kind of water is generally found in cafes and restaurants and is currently in trend. This water has undergone carbonation resulting in fizzy water which tastes similar to sodas.
  1. Well water: This is one of the oldest methods of water consumption in rural areas, hardly found in urban areas. Whenever it rains, the water tricked down and travels into the cervices of the soil thus over a period of time the water is collected and known as ground water. This can be used by a deep drilled well. However, slowly and gradually the ground water quality is contaminated because of various human activities thus restricting it direct consumption. It is suggested to use this water only after purification methods.
  1. Distilled water: This kind of water goes through the different treatment process to remove all its minerals and salt by way of reverse osmosis and distillation. Although it is one of the purest forms of water yet it is not recommended for drinking purpose due to lack of essential minerals or salts in it. It is advisable to use alkaline water purifier or bottle.
  1. Hard water: The presence of an excessive amount of calcium and magnesium make it hard for its consumption. The water is not only suitable for drinking purpose but it must be avoidable for other purpose like washing, bathing etc because it not only harms your health but it one of the reason behind your dry and rough hair, formation of kidney stones in body, stains of detergent on your clothes etc. Therefore for better protection one must use water softener or whole house water filtration system. At Bepure we provide our customer with an excellent quality and affordable price. A detailed explanation about hard water is given here.
  1. Alkaline water: The “alkaline” in alkaline water refers to its pH level. It has many health benefits such as anti-ageing properties, control BP and diabetes, hydrated skin in a better way, weight loss etc. The alkaline water is preferred because of its pH level as it can help you in neutralizing excessive acid presence in the body. At you will find all the water purifiers be it Hot and Cold wave or a basic Water purifier with alkaline property because we believe in providing our consumer with the best quality.

A quality and a brand they can trust upon. So these were the different types of water available.You can check out various water filtration products, water purifiers, alkaline water bottle etc on our website.

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