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How can you reduce body fat by drinking water?


We have heard it from our elders, doctors, gym trainers and fitness experts that water is one of the input you require for fat loss from your body. But do we really give a heed to all their suggestions? No. Right!! Because we haven’t experienced such transformation yet!! But what if I tell you that by following these 5 Steps you will yourself be able to witness the change within 21 Days!! So what are those magical steps which will not only help in losing weight but will also provide you a better health and a more glowing skin.

  1. Drink before you Eat: Water is considered as an appetite suppressant because when you drink water before having any meal than it automatically reduces your hunger thus you eat less while having your meal. Some people suggest drinking hot water is much better but honestly it on your preference. You can check our product Hot and cold water purifier where you can access to hot/cold water within seconds and it saves you lot of time and energy.
  1. Water helps to remove waste from body: Water helps in the proper functioning of our body, its most important function is that it helps in the flow of oxygen in our body apart from that it also removes body waste via urine or feces. It also helps you in blocking of constipation related issue which occur mainly because of fewer water supplies in body or due to less fiber intake in your diet. To overcome such issue one should consume alkaline water. You can buy it from here.
  1. Substitute your calorie filled drinks with water: Most of teenagers and adults have a habit of drinking sodas, cold drinks, juices etc. No doubt these things taste good but if you check the sugar level you’ll be surprised to know it and one inside tip “Consumption of excess sugar can lead you to either diabetes or any other deadly disease”. We don’t say that don’t consume these things at all but we suggest you to be more cautious towards your health, for example if you have a craving of cold drink try having a cold lemon water without sugar as “jaan hai toh jahan hai”.
  1. Water helps you with workouts: Well you just can’t avoid doing exercises if your plan is to lose weight and look fit moreover you don’t want to become obese right? As obesity leads to hypertension, heart attacks, BP, diabetes and what not. Bur when you exercise than water helps your muscles, connective tissues and joints to move correctly it also helps in the better functioning of your heart and other organs. Therefore we should be well hydrated when you exercise as it reduces the chances of muscle cramps and fatigue.
  1. Consume enough water: Follow 8*8 water rule this rule states that you should at least consume eight eight-ounce glasses of water every day which comes around 2 liters. The more water you drink the better it is for your health. Although person with kidney related issue should consult their doctors.

Now if you have a problem building this habit than you can check our blog “How much water should we drink everyday” to help yourself.

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