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How mineral water affects your coffee taste?

Most of us like to start our day with a cup of coffee because we believe that it gives us that morning boost required to do our daily work. For some people the taste of their morning coffee set the tone of their day and helps in enhancing their mood; for them saying no to coffee is “blasphemy”.

But do you that apart from well-roasted beans and right grind what else is important to make a cup’o joe? It’s mineralized water. A cup of coffee contains 98% of water so in case you want to drink the best coffee than make sure you use best quality mineralized water to brew the coffee as mineralized water is sum of all the minerals and alkalinity in it.

As per a website Brew Smartly, The quality of water varies throughout regions of the world but filtered and tap water are the types that coffee enthusiasts commonly use to brew the coffee, mainly, because they are easily available everywhere.

Many of you might be thinking, "Does it really matter if water is filtered?" after all, it gets fairly boiled during the brewing process so even if it's not good quality water, it really doesn't matter.

Absolutely wrong!

Choosing the right quality of water matters a lot!

Yes, filtered water can be your best assurance but you may surprise to know that minerals found in tap water can truly enhance the flavor of your coffee, says Christopher H. Hendon.

Water filter manufacturer company Brita says the most important minerals occurring naturally in drinking water include calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, as well as chloride, sulfate, and hydrogen carbonate. The latter is responsible for the alkalinity, and with calcium and magnesium, the car­bonate hardness of the water. This has a strong influence on the development of the coffee’s flavor.

 “When there is a lot of hydrogen carbonate or the water is too hard, it reacts with the fine caffeic acids. The coffee then tastes unbalanced, bitter and flat,” says Birgit Kohler, Head of Organoleptic Department at Brita.

Using of filtered water therefore allows coffee to develop its full flavor and aroma. Believe it or not but the smell of a flavorful cup of coffee enhances your taste buds, overall aroma and ambiance of our morning beverage.

Not only coffee but all the other beverages which we make has a different taste when you use filtered mineral water while its process.

For the best result try our Hot and Cold water purifier which has best mineral preservation along with alkaline quality.


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