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Impact of COVID-19 on Water Purifier Industry

Posted by Ninad Sankhe on

It’s the time of year when due to one pandemic every country’s stock market is crashing their economy growth rates estimation is falling miserably the business is running out of cash, companies are laying off their employees and people in the country have already started crying for the unprecedented things happening in the world. Can you guess what it is??

                CORONA VIRUS Also known as COVID-19

This particular virus has impacted the different sectors of Industry miserably and as per reports from various researchers industries like MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), Tourism, Real estate, Automobile and Aviation are worst hit. Post pandemic we can encounter with three different scenarios Optimistic, Neutral or Pessimistic.

But today let’s discuss over the water purifying Industry. As in our previous blog we told you how important the water is to us and with that we also know that it is our necessity, its consumption and usages will only increase over time. But due to Industrial waste, pollution, leakage from sewer lines, marine dumping etc the water quality has been deteriorated and therefore ignoring the usages or buying of water purifiers is unavoidable because it provides us the fresh and clean water to drink and keeping s safe.

Currently in this scenario when people are getting more health cautious and taking every precautionary step to be safe from the harmful diseases like Corona virus or any other water borne diseases they won’t hesitate to spend that extra penny to keep themselves as well as their family safe specially after seeing the present situation.

And in my opinion this is one such advantage for this industry. No doubt the demand of these products has declined in the past three month but it’s all due to corona pandemic and the resulted lockdown. In my opinion the future of this industry seems to be “OPTIMISTIC”. Even in the recent addressal by our country’s PM Sir Narendra Modi talked about being “ATMA-NIRBHAR” which so far is just a statement but it gives us the positive hope that soon his mantra of “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” will be beneficiary for Indian manufactures that now our country people will understand the importance of manufacturing goods locally and establishing their own brand. A brand which we people of India can call “Swadeshi”.

So the existing brands should now start focusing on how to penetrate in different markets for example rural market has a huge potential to grow or using digital platforms for a maximum reach and creating awareness campaigns.

Covid impact Impact of corona on water purifier industry

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