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What are the health benefits of drinking mineral water

Ever wondered why our elder people or doctors suggest consuming water which is rich in mineral or what’s the source of mineral water?

Well it’s mainly because such water consists of minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron and zinc which keep our body healthy and such water is mainly sourced from underground or by rain but now because of pollution, industrialization and various other reasons it has become difficult to consume such water as the water is either contaminated or intoxicated with harmful viruses.

In countries like Singapore people doesn’t hesitate drinking “tap water” because it is safe whereas in our country drinking tap water would simply make you a victim of water-borne disease. And therefore to get rid of this thing we have now developed water purifiers which provide us mineralized water and some companies even provide you alkaline water purifiers.

Ever wondered why minerals are important for our body?

Mineral such as magnesium regulates our blood pressure, glucose level and nerve function. In fact the daily recommendation of magnesium in a human body is recommended as 310-320 mg for females and 400-420 mg for males. Lack of magnesium can lead to muscles weakness, loss of appetite, vomiting etc.

 Along with magnesium, sodium and calcium also helps in keeping blood circulation in check. In fact calcium is necessary for building strong bones and regulates the heart beat.

It promotes digestive health, studies suggest that enough magnesium in diet can help prevent constipation and improves the overall digestive system.

Consumption of mineral water is advisable not only because it contain different mineral but also because it helps in the overall growth of your body. In fact in our country more than 63 million people doesn’t have access to even safe drinking water.

Although there are many people in our country that rely on bottled mineral water and believe it to be good for them and don’t understand the need of having mineral water at their home by using water purifiers. They aren’t yet aware that those toxic plastic bottles not only harm their health but it also constitutes in various environmental pollutions. A plastic bottle needs at least 700 years to decompose and out of 10 bottles which goes for recycling only 1 of them can be used later.

Many companies in the market claim that their water purifier has 90% mineral retention after different filtration steps but in reality only few of them stands correct.

We at Bepure constantly tries to provide our customer safe drinking water by preserving the required mineral in water and with that we also provide them alkaline water which helps them in better digestion, better hydration of skin and various other benefits. Our smart Hot and Cold Water purifier is again made to facilitate our customers in a better way with a surprising price.

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