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What is Point of Entry and Point of use water filtration system?

Posted by Ninad Sankhe on

You buy a water purifier so that you can access to safe drinking water but ever wondered even after consciously consuming safe water you’re still prone to some diseases, allergies or infections because of water only!! Well problem like skin allergies, hair fall, rashes at eye & ear and various other problems are a result of impure water which we use for our day to day activities like bathing, cooking, toiletry etc.

Generally we think that by installing a water purifier our problem is solved and from now on wards we don’t have to deal with any water-borne diseases but here we’re only partially correct. As if our tap water is equally unsafe than we aren’t completely protected for example in states like Delhi and Karnataka they have highly contaminated water in fact they’re worst ranked in the quality of water supplied. Therefore to cure such problem we now have point of entry filtration system.

Point of Entry:

Point-of-entry (POE) water filtration systems are also known as complete home systems because they filter all the water coming into your home or to the place where it is installed. These systems are attached to the main line where water enters your home and filters it all before any sinks or faucet reach. POE offer high capacity filtration and can produce up to several thousand gallons of water per day. Although complete whole house POE filters will only produce high quality general purpose water as they are not best for drinking purpose and for this reason it is best to install a POU RO, UV or UF water purifiers. The best part of this technology is that it doesn’t require maintenance for at least   5-6 years.

Point of Use:

Point-of-use (POU) systems filter your water wherever you are using it; they are generally installed at a specific place in our house mainly at kitchen or bathrooms. It might be a single tap, faucet, or shower. These filters provide you the best quality of drinking water and the machine required space is also less. In most of the homes and commercial place POU is only used for safe drinking water. These filters comes with different technology like RO, UF or UV and you can choose them depending upon your water sources. Best part of these filters is that they’re light in weight and comes with an affordable price so that everyone can buy it. The only demerit of this system is that it required a regular maintenance.  

Now for our dear consumers buying these products aren’t really a hustle because now you can buy these products at one place only. You can now buy any kind of water purifiers, alkaline water bottles, Hot and Cold purifiers or POE filtration system.

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