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What is RO, UF AND UV in water purifiers?

Every person on the planet have a right to access the safe drinking water but because of our changed environment conditions its heart breaking to know that now we can’t drink water from any tap of the town/city moreover you can’t rely on the water supplied by the government bodies as it is of deteriorated quality which can lead to water-borne diseases. Hence to overcome such problem people around the world need Best Water purifiers. Now these water purifiers comes under different technology but the most commonly used ones are RO (Reverse Osmosis), UF (Ultra Filtration) and UV (Ultra violet) purifiers.

Now before understanding these terms you first need to understand what is TDS?

TDS is basically Total Dissolved solid these are the particles and minerals which are already present in the water before your consumption. You can consume water if it has a TDS level of < 400 mg/liter beyond that you need a purification system to solve your problem. For a detailed explanation on how should you select your purifier you can see our blog here.

What is RO?

Reverse Osmosis is a process which helps in elimination of water harshness and removal of contaminants like fluoride, chlorine, lead etc from it thus making it drinkable and use able. It also uses pre filtration technique in case there is lot of impurities in water and it also removes every kind of bacteria’s and viruses from the water. It requires electricity to run and a good water pressure for its smooth functioning. The key problem with this technology is that it wastes lot of water for example to have 1 glass of drinking water at least 2-3 glass of water is wasted.

What is UF?

UF (Ultra Filtration) contains hollow fiber threaded membrane to purify water. Even this technology removes every kind of bacteria, viruses and microorganism from the water. Its key advantage is that it can even work when the water quality contains mud and is having low water pressure plus it doesn’t require electricity to work. The key problem with this technology is that it can’t remove TDS which means that it can only be used in the areas which have low level of TDS i.e. < 500 mg/liter.

What is UV?

UV (Ultra Violet) uses radiations to kill contaminants and different microorganisms. This technology also helps in killing of harmful bacteria and other microorganism from the water plus it doesn’t require additional water pressure to work properly although it requires electricity to work. The problem with this technology is that although it kills the bacteria’s but it doesn’t remove it from the water which means that the dead particles still remain in the water.

And by now you must have understood the key difference between these technologies. And we have to accept that every technology lacks at one or the other area therefore using only one of them isn’t sufficient nor it’s reliable. Therefore most of the water purifier’s brands are now making their products in a combination of these 3 technologies like RO+UV+UF or RO+UF etc. The best water purifier to buy is the one with RO+UF+UV along with TDS controller as this will ensure your overall safety.


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