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When should you ideally change your water filter?

Undoubtedly a water purifier isn’t an expense for you but an investment; an investment which keeps you and your family members safe.

But just like your Air conditioner which requires an annual servicing; water purifiers also needs the same depending on the kind of technology you’re using and the quality of water supplied to your area as the source of water keeps on changing.

Now how should you select the technology type and how can you know the water quality?

As said earlier, water purification system is an investment and not an expense and therefore you must understand that it works as a defense system against contaminated water containment thousands of bacteria and viruses in them.

Water purifier comes under different technology but we will be discussing majorly about RO, UF and UV.

RO technology: It is a process which helps in elimination of water hardness and removal of contaminants like fluoride, chlorine, lead etc thus making it drinkable and use able. The technology is highly efficient in the areas where water quality is soaring even in day to day purpose RO is highly recommended and if the TDS level of water is > 400 mg/liter than its better to use RO.

Generally every water purifier contains at least 8 filtration levels through which water passes, the earlier stages membranes have a high chance of getting effected because that’s where most of the contaminated water is purified, overtime the hard or nano particles stick to pre filter, sediment, carbon and RO membrane and therefore after a certain time say six months or annually you need to change these filter.

UV technology: UV (Ultra Violet) uses radiations to kill contaminants and different microorganisms. This technology can be used in the areas where water has already been treated by the municipal corporation as it can than effectively remove the bacteria, germs and viruses from water and can prevent you from getting affected. Moreover the new variations in technology can also remove contaminants like lead, magnesium, arsenic etc from water. The UV membrane thus helps in removing pathogens from water and making it ready for consumption purpose. The only drawback of this technology is that dead particles remain in water even after filtration.

UF technology: UF (Ultra Filtration) contains hollow fiber threaded membrane to purify water. Even this technology removes every kind of bacteria, viruses and microorganism from the water. In a water purifier this is the last stage where any leftover germs like colloid are removed. And its key advantage is that it can even work when the water quality contains mud and is having low water pressure plus it doesn’t require electricity to work. The key problem with this technology is that it can’t remove TDS which means that it can only be used in the areas which have low level of TDS i.e. < 500 mg/liter.

Hence, once the water passes through all the stages, it is free from all types of germs, microbes, chemicals, excessive salt, bad taste and bad odour. Water thus received from the tap is pure and crystal clear. Therefore it becomes mandatory to change water filter at a regular interval of time.

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