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Why should you buy a water softener?

India holds about 4% of global freshwater and 16% of its population and as per NITI Aayog reports nearly 70% of India water is contaminated, India ranks 120th of 122 countries in a global water quality index.

And as per the reports from Government of India, Punjab ranks highest in accessibility to clean drinking water whereas states like Kerala and Lakshadweep has the worst quality of water. Now to cure from such problems consumers have now started using water softener but now let us understand what’s water softener is and how does it help you?

A water softener can be a lifesaver for the people plagued by the effects of hard water. This can be really helpful in the areas where hard water is supplied. But there are times when a water softener may not be your “One stop solution” due to limited functions as it removes mineral ions from what but it isn’t effective in removing contaminant such as bacteria or heavy metals like mercury, lead etc. Therefore it becomes a necessity to use water filtration system for better drinking water.

Generally high mineral content such as calcium and magnesium (120-180 parts per million or PPM) is considered hard water. The high concentration of these minerals in water leads to several problem such as itchy skin, rough hair and damaging of your electrical appliance such as washing machine thus hampering your clothes when you wash them.

How to identify whether you need water softener or not?

As mentioned earlier not everyone needs a water purifier because water quality in India differ from region to region.

One of the way is to check the TDS level of your water another could be skin problem, dry and rough hair, frequent repair of appliances, stains on bathroom tiles or crockery and losing of clothes shin while washing.

Major benefits of a water softener system:

  • Saves Money: Soft water lacks the mineral ions in your pipes and appliances that cause buildup, saving you from costly bills of repair. Mineral buildup in a pipe narrows the area through which water can move, requiring a higher pump pressure. It will also increase the energy required to keep the water hot or cold. The buildup also damages your appliances, meaning more frequent repairs or replacements.
  • Benefits on water softener on your Hair and Skin: The hard water doesn’t mix well with the hair products, thus causes the issue of soap scum but when you use water softener than it helps in balancing of pH levels thus protecting your hair from getting damaged whereas in case skin than hard water removes the natural oils from skin leading to dryness of skin or itchiness.
  • Cleaner Dishes: Due to hard water, many a times when you clean your dishes than the foam or stain marks still remain on the dishes. A water softener fixes such problems from the root and removes the minerals before they can build up on your dishes.

At last a water softener is effective and helpful in removing the minerals that cause hardness in water and thus making it soft. At you can buy the water softener and water filtration system at the best affordable price without “zero” compromise in quality.

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