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Why should you use a water purifier during monsoon?

Every one of us loves rain and especially because they give us much needed relief from the summer heat. We feel more relaxed, the environment seems more soothing it feels as if nature has just taken a shower! Everything around us seems clean and fresh.

But with rain come a lot of other problems and challenges such as maintaining better hygiene, traffic jams, water logging leads to formation of various bacteria and viruses, which are the root cause of disease like typhoid, cholera, dengue, jaundice etc. And every year due to these reasons millions of people fall sick; so every season has its own perk but it they all come with some disadvantages.

But do you realize that mere access to water isn’t enough. If the water isn’t clean, isn’t safe to drink; moreover 1 in 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water as per UNICEF, WHO and more than 163 million people in India do not have access to clean water, the highest in the world, says a new study by Water Aid, a global advocacy group on water and sanitation.

Now we must understand that those who can access to clean drinking water are very lucky! They’ve successfully not only saved their lives but of their dear ones by being more aware and cautious; they have invested their money by buying a water purifier.

Many people believe that by boiling water they’ll have an access to pure water but in reality boiled water can only kill bacteria but it has no effect on other impurities and viruses nor does it remove chlorine from water. The water still remains contaminated plus it is not pocket friendly option as the gas consumption is high here.

Next, over period consumption of polluted drinking water can take a hit on your health and will expose you to various diseases plus your immune system is weakened plus knowing about the source of your water is very important, as water quality has been deteriorated due to Industrial waste, water pollution, human waste and various other reasons this will help you in understanding how severely you require a water purifier.

Water purifier doesn’t only provide you safe drinking water but it guarantees you the best quality of water with no compromise in its taste and minerals. It reduces the risk of various water borne diseases and they are also pocket friendly and are convenient to use. Modern water purifiers come with advances technologies and ensure that all the impurities are water are removed completely. Various water purifiers comes with the feature of providing Hot and cold water instantly which are very easy to use and it has helps in saving our time. provides you various kinds of water purifiers like RO+UV+UF and their specialty is "alkaline waterand "stainless steel tank" water storage. And these features make our water purifier different from other brands, alkaline water helps you in reducing fat, hydrates your skin, relieves you from constipation related issue and storing water in steel or copper utensils because of their antibacterial properties and the surface of stainless steel is harder and smoother and thus less "hospitable" to  micro-organisms.

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