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Why you should use stainless steel tank instead of plastic?


Ever wondered why everyone says that storing water in plastic material is harmful for us as well as for the environment. It is because of the toxic chemical presence in the water containers especially Bisphenol A (BPA), an Industrial chemical used while making plastic storage container. These containers if used for a longer period of time can cause problems like:

  • Weakened Immune system and fertility: In the present scenario lots of companies or  should I say most of the companies chooses to sell BPA-free plastic bottles or containers, it is a  common component found in water bottles made of type 7 plastic. The key problem is the raw material with which these containers are made and its long term usages are one of the unknown reasons behind early on-stage puberty or hyperactivity disorder.
  • Obesity: Why your weight is increasing even after following a strict diet chart and doing regular exercises? One of the reasons behind weight gain is the presence of BPA and BHPF in your water containers as it disturbs the hormones of our body thus their improper functioning leads to your weight gain.

Apart from them there are various other diseases which can harm you in long term only because of your consumption of water via plastic like diabetes.In fact a study by WHO states those plastic bottles contains 90% micro plastic which if serious can cause the death of a person.

So is steel or copper container safe?

Even when there were no purifiers our ancestors used to store water in steel or copper container because they possess oligo dynamic properties in laymen’s languages this help in removing bacteria’s, viruses, fungi or micro-organisms  from your water. Moreover these options are more sustainable and environmental friendly.

Therefore we can say that water stored in steel or copper container is safer.

Currently most of us have a water purifier in home with a plastic storage and we don’t think twice before buying such products, we don’t consider the long lasting impact it will make on our body whereas any kind of plastic containers be it a water purifier tanker, water bottle, jugs etc are highly dangerous for your health due to the above mentioned reasons.

Now to start from a small change try carrying copper or steel water bottles whenever you go out this will help in reducing plastic usages. Next the water purifiers which you buy make sure there storage is made up of steel as it stores maximum amount of your daily drinking water. Now what are those key reasons to choose a stainless steel water tanker instead of a plastic one?

  1. Corrosion Protection:Stainless steel offers tremendous durability in comparison to steel, concrete or plastic. Thus the outer body of your purifier is well protected.
  2. Hygienic: Study shows that water contained in steel material are less prone to any kind of bacteria’s or virus. The steel metal quality keeps the water quality pure and unhygienic.
  3. Durability and Longevity:Stainless steel tanks offer high resistance to corrosion, as well as wear and tear in contaminated and pure waters. The material quality gives it an add on advantage of remaining ductile under different climatic conditions..
  4. Recyclable:Stainless steel is considered as a safe metal alloy, which means it is environment friendly.
  5. Less Maintenance: Unlike plastic material which requires timely maintenance the steel tankers are your one time investment and saves your lot of money.

Choice is all yours now whether to keep yourself and your family safe or you're fine wasting your money on different diseases occurring just because of drinking water via plastic containers!!


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