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Water softeners or purifiers? What do you need?

Struggling with impurities in water has become a common phenomenon these days. With these impurities comes a variety of daily struggles. This leaves us with no option but to overcome these situations by removing these impurities. Now, here comes the age-old tussle - water softener or water purifier. Let’s delve into the differences between water softeners and water purifiers.

A common question people have in mind is - does a water softener filter water? A water purifier functions differently than a softener. A water softener treats water by exchanging minerals such as calcium and magnesium with common salt but does not target any other impurities. The presence of calcium and magnesium in the water causes hardness and builds up of scales which can be harmful to human skin/hair. This also leads to the clogging of water pipelines in the longer term. To determine whether you require a water softener, these are some signs that you should look at:

● Soap layers or buildups on your washroom sinks, taps, bathtub or showers.
● Bright coloured fabrics become dull out quite early within 2-3 washes
● You experience irritated/dry skin, dry hair, and hair fall.
● Leakage or clogged pipes become a common phenomenon

It may look like these functions can be fulfilled if we install a water purifier rather than a softener. However, we cannot make a blanket statement without knowing the what and how about water purifiers. A water purifier removes certain toxic metals (like arsenic, copper, sulphur, pesticides and some other industrial toxins) and some odours from water. It also reduces the amount of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), but will not provide soft water. Here are the main reasons to install a water purifier:

● If potable water has a foul smell/ taste
● If you live in an industrial area/ or receive untreated water for drinking
● If deposition in pipes is taking place, thus causing clogging

You should first determine the type of water you are receiving, and the problems linked to it. This will help you make an accurate decision. At Bepure, we provide you with a range of water softeners and water purifiers. If you still are in doubt, we give an exact description for each component used in our equipment so that you can make the right choice towards pure water. After all, pure water is absolutely essential for a happy and healthy life.

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