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Bepure Air Purifier HEPA grade with UV lamp sterlization | Area 500 sq ft | Removes 99.97% pollutants with HEPA+ Activated Carbon Filtration | Remote control provided for ease of operation

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  • ✔️ REMOVES 99. 97% OF PARTICLES: This air filtration system contains a pre-filter, HEP filter, active carbon that work together to remove 99. 97% of particles as small as 0.1 microns such as mold, hair, pet dander, dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria, germs, and allergens in the air.
  • ✔️ AIR QUALITY MONITOR: The Bepure Air Purifier can read the air quality and temperature in the surrounding room using an I-sense detection system and showing it on display in real-time. OZONE FREE.
  • ✔️ EFFECTIVE IN ROOMS UP TO 500-SQ-FT IN SIZE: Proven to refresh the air in just 10-minutes, this air purifier can clean air in the rooms up to 500-square-feet in size. Wireless updated remote controls included with 20+ feet working distance for your convenience.
  • ✔️HEPA MEDICAL GRADE FILTER: HEPA filter pass up 0.35% of 0.1-micron particles per liter of air. With smart response technology, the air cleaning system works according to the quality of the room’s air.
  • ✔️POCKET-FRIENDLY MAINTENANCE: The refill filter comes in a 3 in 1 package in a single unit costing 1499/-. 1-year warranty on all components of the air purifier



Why need an air purifier?

  • It is a known fact that indoor air is more impure than outdoor air ( nearly 10 times). The reason is the accumulation of impure particles in a small area
  • Inhaling impure air continuously over a period of time can cause problems in body such as allergies, consistent running nose, cough, etc.
  • Air purifier is a must for indoor spaces to get pure HEPA filtered air




Complete touch-based operation

The whole operation of the air purifier is digital touch with all necessary readings and indications provided


Remote control provided as well for wireless operation of air purifier

 The 3 in 1 Filtration can easily capture particle molecules and absorb smells. It is recommended to replace the cartridge every 10-12 months depending on usage

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