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Bepure Alkaline Water Bottle
Bepure Alkaline Water Bottle -Easy To Carry
Bepure Premium Alkaline Water Bottle | Get Balanced pH Up to 9.5 | Get Negative ORP Water Instantly | BPA Free

Bepure Premium Alkaline Water Bottle | Get Balanced pH Up to 9.5 | Get Negative ORP Water Instantly | BPA Free

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Why should we drink Alkaline+Antioxidant water?

Benefit of Alkaline Mineral Water-Mineral Enriched

Mineral Enriched

Benefit of Alkaline Mineral Water-Remedy For Acidity

Remedy for Acidity

Benefit of Alkaline Mineral Water-Aids Metabolism

Aids Metabolism

Benefit of Alkaline Mineral Water-Better Hydration

Better Hydration

Benefit of Alkaline Mineral Water-Detox Properties

Detox Properties

The Premium Alkaline Water Bottle has it all

7 Days Free Replacement Bepure Alkaline Water Bottle

7 Days Free Replacement

Alkaline pH Water From Bepure Alkaline Water Bottle

Alkaline pH Water

Doorstep Delivery For Bepure Alkaline Water Bottle

Doorstep Delivery

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Timely Support

How does the Bepure Alkaline Water Bottle work?

The Alkaline module at the bottom of the bottle is the key to alkalising and enhancing the water. 

Features of Alkaline Water Bottle

Bepure Alkaline Water Bottle Gives Alkaline pH Water

Alkaline pH

The water from the alkaline water bottle is alkaline in nature with its pH ranging from 7.5 to 8.5. Drinking this kind of water has many benefits compared to drinking regular purified water.

Negative ORP

The alkaline water bottle gives you water with a negative ORP which means it is antioxidant in nature. Regular purified water has a positive ORP. Products with a negative ORP value are good for health and delay ageing.

Bepure Alkaline Water Bottle Gives Negative ORP
Water From Bepure Alkaline Water Bottle Contains Minerals


Alkaline water from the bottle contains alkaline minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium. These minerals have numerous health benefits for your body.


The alkaline water bottle is BPA-free as we follow the highest safety standards in ensuring product quality.

Bepure Alkaline Water Bottle Is BPA-Free

Why Alkaline Mineral Water?

If you have ever suffered from the sour burps caused by acidity, you can imagine the havoc acidity can cause. To prevent this from happening, an alkaline body system is the best way out.

Some of the benefits of maintaining alkalinity in the blood and body water are:

  • Stronger skeletal system: When your blood turns acidic in pH, the kidneys extract calcium from your bones to neutralise it. This weakens your bones and increases the risk of fractures.
  • Reduction in acid reflux: When you eat too many fatty/processed foods, your stomach creates excess acid to digest them, leading to acid reflux. Maintaining an alkaline pH keeps your digestive system healthy.
  • Slowdown of ageing: Alkaline water and foods are antioxidants and prevent the formation of harmful chemicals known as "free radicals" in our bodies. These accelerate ageing and cause wrinkled skin and other disorders. Controlling free radicals helps you look and feel younger.
  • Boost in stamina: Appropriate hydration levels with alkaline pH keep you feeling fresh for longer periods of time and boost your stamina.
To Build Your Immunity Use Bepure Alkaline Water Bottle

Technical Specification

550 ml
Note: The capacity is designed to ensure that water becomes alkaline in a short span while also maintaining its quality. Bottles with bigger capacity need a longer time to create alkaline water alkaline and this impacts quality as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The alkaline cartridge has a blend of essential alkaline minerals such as calcium magnesium, potassium and zinc.