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Selecting the Right Water Purifier for you

  • The Selection of the core purification technology in the water purifier is very important as it defines the amount of minerals the water will have after purification
  • There are 3 core technologies in the water purifier. They are RO ( Reverse Osmosis), UF-UV ( Ultra-filtration) and NF ( Nano-Filtration) 
  • There is a simple guideline to select the technology. You get a TDS meter and check the TDS of water. If the TDS is more than 600 ppm than RO, for TDS between 250 and 600 ppm NF and for TDS less than 250 TDS we suggest UF-UV.
  • If you do not have a TDS meter then you need to worry. You can follow this basic guideline. If you get municipal corporation water at your home then the water is generally lesser in TDS so UF-UV is the right option. If you get borewell ground water then the water must have a high TDS then we suggest RO. And in some places there is mixing of municipal and borewell water and at those places we recommend NF.

Frequently Asked Questions

The technology can be decided based on TDS meter reading. For TDS more than 600 ppm we suggest RO, for 250 to 600 ppm TDS we suggest NF and for less than 250 ppm TDS we suggest UF