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Bepure A28 Automatic Whole House Water Softener
Bepure A28 Automatic Whole House Water Softener

Bepure A28 Automatic Whole House Water Softener

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Why do you need a Whole House Water Softener and How does it work?

You need a water softener for home water if you are facing any of the following problems due to the use of hard water:

  1. Skin rashes and hair loss
  2. Scale formation on washroom fittings and pipelines
  3. Damage to expensive appliances (like washing machines) 

The whole house water softener works on the principle of ion exchange technology. “Hard water” is called so because of the presence of calcium and magnesium in water. The water softener acts to exchange the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions, thus removing calcium and magnesium and eliminating hardness from water.


Single Tank Design

The whole house water softener is encased in a compact cabinet instead of a traditional two-tank model, where one tank contains resin and the other is used for salt regeneration. The single tank model makes the appliance look elegant and is efficient as well. This makes it the best water softener available in the market.

Automatic Regeneration Process

The regeneration of the whole house water softener is completely automatic with microprocessor-based automation. The regeneration can be preset depending on the litres of water processed and the hardness of the water.

Minimum Pressure Drop

The Pressure drop of the water after passing through softener is very minimal and hence there is sufficient pressure from the pump to the tank.

Technical Specification

Upto 48 liters per minute

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If there is any damaged or issue in the operation of the product then the product will be immediately replaced 

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Frequently Asked Questions

This can be done by simple observation as well as by conducting a hardness test. If you don’t get enough lather from the soap while bathing, have scales in the water pipes or appliances like washing machine and geyser, or if you face problems like rashes on skin and hair loss, you can conclude that the water is indeed hard.