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Bepure Whole House Water Filter
Bepure Whole House Water Filter
Bepure Whole House Water Filter
Bepure Whole House Water Filter
Bepure Whole House Water Filter

Bepure Whole House Water Filter

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Why should we use a Water Filtration System

Zero Water Wastage

Great for hair and Skin

No Pressure Drop

Tested Results

Advanced Flow dynamics

The Whole house filtration system is a complete package

7 Days Free Replacement

Easy Filter replacement

Doorstep Delivery

Timely Support

How does Whole House Water Filtration System Work?

The whole house water filter works on depth filtration technology. The filter removes all the turbidity, dust, mud and colloidal particles from water

Features of Whole House Water Filter

Easy Installation

The whole house water filtration system can be easily integrated with the existing pipelines. All hardware required for installation, like fittings, clamps and spanner is provided with the product.

Pressure Gauge and relief Valve

A pressure gauge is provided to indicate the clogging of impurities and the remaining life of the filters. If the pressure in the line exceeds the optimum limit, it is recommended to either clean or change the filters. Pressure Relief valve is a safety valve to be used before changing the filter

Whole House Protection

The whole house water filtration system can be installed at the main water supply line of the house to provide clean water for the entire home.

Pocket Friendly Maintenance

The filter lasts for between 6 months to 12 months, depending on the water quality. The annual cost of maintaining this whole house water filter is around ₹1500, which is very low compared to other brands which cost you more than ₹2500 in annual maintenance.

Technical Specification

75 Liters per minute

Our Promise to the Customer

7 Days Free Replacement

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Frequently Asked Questions

When the water from your municipal water supply contains impurities like dirt or dust, a whole house water filter (also known as main line water filter) provides a complete water solution to ensure potable quality water throughout the house faucets and other outlets. If your current water supply is not suitable for use, then a whole house water filtration system is mandatory for your health and hygiene.