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Bepure Dual Filtration - Whole House Water Filtration System

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Key Points
  • Call us on our toll free number 1800 123 9411 for more details
  • Dimensions in inch: 1. Length: 20.8 2. Width: 6.5 3. Height: 32.4
  • Process based on sediment filtration and activated carbon filtration 
  • 1 year Warranty on all components including housing, pressure gauge and skid
  • Hassle free maintenance due to easy replacing of cartridges as required


  • Non Electric Process: The filtration doesnt require electricity thus making in cost effective
  • Jumbo Cartridges: The thickness of the filters is very high thus giving sufficient depth to filter out the impurities
  • Easy to install: The system is very easy to install and operate. It is also very easy to change the filters of the system

Technical Specification

  • Housing size: 20 inch Jumbo
  • Inlet & Outlet Dimensions: 20 mm
  • Mounting: Wall mounting
  • Dimensions in inch: 1. Length: 20.8 2. Width: 6.5 3. Height: 32.4



Frequently Asked Questions

If you have problems of dust and dirt in water or smell coming from water. Whole house water filters provide complete water solutions with the quality of pure drinking water throughout the house faucets and other outlets.  If your current water supply is not suitable for any water usage, then a whole house water filter system is mandatory for your health and hygiene.

Whole house filters are easy to use and maintain. The only maintenance required by the users is to replace the cartridges when they expire. 

The life completely depends on the usage of the customer. On an average the filters last for 6months to 1 year depending on usage

The dual filtration system removes dust, sediment, turbidity, colour, foul odor and organics.

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