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Bepure Premium High Output Shower Filter for improved hair and skin| Removes Chlorine and scale formation| KDF technology based filtration

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    • REMOVES CHLORINE: The main objective of the shower filter is to remove chlorine content which is present in home water supply. Chlorine is the most important factor for hair and skin damage
    • REVITALIZING BODY: Along with chlorine removal the filter adds essential minerals such as KDF 55, Alkaline Ceramic Balls, Activated carbon, Calcium Sulfite and other filtering materials which ensures best effect of water quality purification and a great shower experience
    • EFFORT-FREE CONNECTION: No need to ask for help! Installs in minutes with just one hand-tighten connection. Fits any standard shower types, including wall-mounted, rainfall and handheld showers. No tools required
    • GREAT CARTRIDGE LIFE: Long cartridge life of around 20000 litres or upto 6 months ( depends on usage). Pocket friendly maintenance with replacement filters costing just 499/-

    Why Bepure Shower Filter

    • The tap water at home has a lot of impurities such as chlorine, hardness and turbidity that has the potential to damage your hair and skin
    • Also the bathing experience is not that great
    • Bepure Shower Filter removes the chlorine content content and filters the water with KDF technology
    • The water from the filter is free from chlorine thus will prevent damage to the skin and hair


    Multi-layers Filtration

    Bepure Shower Filter has a multi layer filtration with Calcium sulfite, KDF-55, Mineral balls and Far-Infrared Ceramic balls thus providing refined water


    Flexible Installation

    The shower filter can be installed at any location in the bathroom. It can be fitted in Head shower or hand shower

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