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Alkaline or regular? What’s the best water purifier for your home?

“A water purifier is a water purifier is a water purifier”, right? Well, if you believe that, you must also believe that “sea water is the same as river water is the same as boring well water”, right? No? Good! If water characteristics can differ drastically based on its source, so do the water filters required to purify it before you can drink or use it. You must have come across a lot of regular water purifiers, but an alkaline water purifier is quite different from them and gives you advantages the regular ones don’t. Let’s find out more.

First and foremost, an alkaline water purifier does all that your regular water purifier does. A regular water purifier does not offer you any feature that an alkaline one does not. An alkaline RO water purifier will treat water in a similar fashion as that done by a regular RO water purifier. The same can be said about UV water purifiers. So, where does the difference really lie?

Regular water filters, especially RO ones, remove almost all the naturally occurring minerals in the water. This can make the water feel “tasteless” as we are used to drinking water with a certain amount of minerals in it. These minerals are also needed by our body for various functions. Alkaline water filters remineralise the purified water to restore the balance of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, etc. This has many health benefits for you.

To keep the best for the last, alkaline water purifiers also adjust the pH of the water to 8.5 which makes the water, well you guessed it, alkaline. Consumption of alkaline water is beneficial for your body in the long run as it controls acid reflux (acidity), leads to stronger bones as your digestive system does not have to take calcium from your bones to neutralise the acid, and provides you with superior hydration levels.

In a nutshell, opting for an alkaline water filter over a regular one is probably the best decision you can make on your path to a healthy body, and a healthy life.

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