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Benefits of water purifiers with hot water

When it comes to comfort, we naturally tend to prefer cool/cold water over warm/hot water. Personal preferences apart, it is better to opt for warm/hot water in the upcoming winter season. So, is hot water good for your health? Absolutely! Warm/hot water boosts your lymph system and increases your blood circulation. Due to this, your body is able to clear toxins more efficiently. It also clears cough, cleanses your bladder and stimulates your digestive system and hunger. Drinking hot water in the morning serves as a kickstart for your body’s engine. Thus, there are several benefits of drinking hot water.

The Bepure water purifiers with hot water are not just focused on the output water temperature, but also the multiple stages of water purification. This ensures that the water is not only hot, but pure in all respects. The different types of filters in these purifiers are:

1. Pre-filter: Removes dust and residual particles

2. Sediment filter: Removes turbidity, sediments and sand particles

3. Activated carbon filter: Removes chlorine and organic materials

4. Reverse Osmosis membrane: Removes dissolved impurities, viruses, bacteria and heavy metals

5. Ultrafiltration membrane: Removes colloidal particles and viruses, bacteria

6. Ultraviolet sterilisation system: Kills residual micro-organisms

7. Alkaline module: Remineralises the water with essential alkaline minerals

Last but not the least, these water purifiers ensure that you get pure and hot water at the single press of a button. You don’t have to purify water first and then boil it separately to drink warm/hot water. Flick one button, and it’s done!

In the winter season, get pure and warm water which your body will thank you for.

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