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Drinking water: What, when and how!

Today, let's learn how to drink water!

If your reaction is "Huh! What?", we can understand. Yes, you did read that correctly. Even if you have been drinking water all your life, you might have been doing it wrong. More precisely, let's know "how and which" water we should drink to stay in our best health.

First things first, cold water is not your friend. While a few sips of chilled water may seem like a pleasure, especially on a hot day, our bodies were never designed to work with lots of cold water. Cold water can reduce the production of digestive enzymes and slow down your digestive system. It can also constrict your blood vessels and affect your blood circulation. These two factors when combined lead to a less than optimal state of health.

On the other hand, warm water boosts your lymphatic system and increases blood circulation through your body. It also stimulates your hunger, clears your bladder and helps your body fight against coughs and colds. So vital in these times, isn't it?

Now that we have seen what kind of water you should be drinking, let's look at the when. Studies have shown that the best way to drink warm water is to drink 2-3 cups in the morning, after taking a brief walk. This way, it wakes up your metabolism which had gone to sleep along with your body at night. Rehydration of your body before putting any of its systems to work (by means of exercise, eating food etc.) helps it gradually start the day without being suddenly shocked into action.

After what and when comes the how. You might say "Oh that's an easy one. Just gulp it down and be done with it.". However, that's the wrong way to do so. Just as your body systems should not be shocked, neither should your bladder and digestive tract. The best way to drink water is to sit down and drink it slowly, in short sips. This ensures that your body "accepts" the water effectively and benefits most from it. The reason why you should sit down while drinking is that if you drink while standing up, the water passes fast through your esophagus and lower stomach and does not hydrate it properly. Sitting down ensures that your body absorbs most of the water that you drink.

Moral of the story - warm and slow in the morning works best for you and your health. Follow these simple tips and make the best of nature's gift of life.

Last but not the least, just as it is important to drink warm water, it is even more important to drink pure water. Drinking contaminated water will undo all benefits that water offers to your body.

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